Free Street School of Sages
Free Street School of Sages is on Monday's from 5:30 to 7pm. We are currently teaching the Call of God. For more information, call 207-616-1781. 
We start back up on Monday, 6-17-19 at 5:30pm!!!!

Celebrate Recovery 

Celebrate Recovery is on Tuesday's at 6pm. If you are struggling with addiction, come on by. 

Free Street Wednesday Service 

Midweek service are on Wednesday's at 6pm. We serve free warm dinner and share a message. 


Free Street Saturday Night Righteous Party 
Come on by to our Saturday Night Righteous Party! We share a message and serve free warm dinner at 6pm. Its full of Jesus and fun!!
Free Street Youth Boxing 

Thursdays at 5pm. 17 and under only!

Free Street Movie Night 

Movie nights are at 6pm on Friday's. We serve free refreshments and play family-friendly movies. Come on by with your family or friends!

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